Logos, Websites and General Design Assets from the Last Few Years

The Gaston Foundation Website
Website for the Gaston Episcopal Hospital Foundation.
Design, HTML, CSS
TCB Construction Group Website
Website for the TCB Construction Group.
Design, HTML, CSS
battery outfitters
Website for Battery Outfitters.
The Art feeds heart-hand with text that says campus rep handbook
A badge for the front of the Campus Rep Handbook for Art Feeds.
choose your weapon: 2 sets of hands, one fist bumping and one high-fiving.
Test design for a 4 color screen print I did while in college.
A sword with a wrapping ribbon that says D NOW around the blade and a sash with 'God as my leader and my sword as my companion' in latin.
An unused concept for a DNOW shirt/mailer. The concept was being a warrior for God.
A CMYK representation of a Googie sign and event information text.
A poster concept for Joplin Third Thursdays.
Hippo Valley Christian Mission Type Lockup and 3 accompanying logos
A series of graphics used for HVCM branding purposes on mailers.
The words 'Friends of Amos' partially submerged in water
A logo for a student organization that discusses theology and culture at Emmanuel Christian Seminary.
fire and stylized text that says Lake Pointe Hot Topics
An updated look for the Hot Topics graphic to make it appeal to a younger crowd.
Badge that says Run with the Wind with windmills on top and the year 2013 at the bottom
A badge used as a logo for a local running club's 25k race.

Keaton Taylor is a designer and front-end developer moving through the world asking lots of questions and being wrong about no less than 50% of his ideas at any given time. He is an IC at Apartment Therapy Media and all his thoughts and ideas are his own.