Hi, I'm Keaton. I like to help good people build awesome digital products. Currently: Product Designer at Apartment Therapy. Remote. Px. Husband, dad, and human jungle gym. Houston Rockets Lifer.



Apartment Therapy: Delivering Better Content Across Devices

In 2016 I transitioned from 4 years of working as a web and graphic designer to working on digital products full-time. After interviewing with a few companies I landed at Apartment Therapy. The team culture, engineering focus and commitment to quality have afforded me incredible learning opportunities. One of the most memorable projects we approached involved trying to deliver personalized content to our readers.


Mealthy: Software & Appliances for the Heart of the Home

My time at Mealthy was interesting and challenging. Preemptively building a digital platform to coincide with physical product releases is a very meaty problem set. I'm going to highlight a few specific parts of my 8 months working with the team. I had the opportunity to be an early contract hire which allowed me to grow and lead a very talented team as the organization scaled up.


RaiseMore: User Testing, On-boarding and In-App Coaching

In the Summer of 2015 I joined the team at RaiseMore, a social fundraising platform based in Oklahoma City. RaiseMore used teamwork and social interactions to maximize fundraising efforts and used aggregate data to help predict fundraising trends and success patterns. We worked on many exciting projects like Dashboards, an automated app building marketplace and in-app coaching for fundraising teams. RaiseMore was my first taste of iterative product design and changed my professional trajectory forever.


Previous Work: Websites, Logos and Ephemera

Over the course of my career I've had the pleasure to work with corporations, organizations and small businesses across the world. This is a small collection of some of that work. These things live as a testament to my roots and the rocky roundabout path I've taken to get to where I am today.