Keaton is a product designer who loves to dabble in front-end code. Currently, he's designing for the future of communities at Discord.



Iterating on a branded touchless experience in light of COVID-19

Using new interaction patterns introduced by COVID-19 related projects, I redesigned the way we show visitors their invites in the Envoy mobile app and iterated our touchless sign in experience to require visitors to be physically near an Envoy kiosk.

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Techdegree Office Hours

In February of 2019 I landed my dream job - working on the product that taught me how to code. While my time there was short, It was an incredible experience heading up design on the Techdegree Squad.

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Apartment Therapy

Delivering Better Content

When stakeholders approach you with a little bit of data and a lot of big ideas, it's best to strap in, listen up, and try to validate as quickly as possible. This project was a testament to finding small wins in big losses.

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Mealthy Recipes

Tools for Discerning Home Cooks

I was approached by a founder in 2017 to hire and lead a design and engineering team for what would become a top-5 Amazon seller in the kitchen appliance category.

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People First

People problems are the next frontier and they're much harder.

Data Informed

Human beings flesh out the narrative that quant data sets.

Do the Work

Be good, do good and the universe reciprocates. Don't back down.

No Heroes

No Heroes, No martyrs, No person left behind. Teams fight together.

Small Wins

Strive for a big victory through small wins. Everyone pitches in.

Eat Last

Leaders aren't always defined by titles. they always lead by example.

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