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Hot Damn by Everytime I Die

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I'm a husband and dad living in Wichita, Kansas. I'm also a Designer on the Platform Ecosystem team at Discord.

Selected projects

My best work is built on the ability of a team from different functions to come together and work harmoniously as a single unit. No work is done in a vacuum and none of this was singularly "my" work. Just want to put that out there. I stand on the shoulders of every person I've been on a team with over the years and likely, so do you.

Discord Activities

I'm a Senior-level IC working closely with cross-functional folks to bring activities to the Discord platform.

Building a communication platform from scratch

First Senior design hire. Working to increase acquisition and retention for our social casual gaming product.

Iterating on the touchless experience

We spent a couple of sprints making it easier for folks to use the touchless sign in feature during the early days of COVID-19 lockdowns.

Multi-day booking & health checks

I Designed concept-car versions of what would later become multi day booking.

Techdegree office hours

My small team was able to move the student win-back needle by offering more obvious and cohesive access to mentorship and group conversation.

Tools for Home Cooks

I was the founding product designer for Mealthy recipes and led product design and Engineering for a time in a player/coach role.

Values and methodology

These are some general notes on how I work and things I believe about how I work. This list is non-exhaustive. I'll likely add to it over time.

Lead at Every Level

Leaders aren't defined by titles. Lead fearlessly by example. It's scary. Keep going.

Data Informed

Human beings flesh out the narrative that quant data sets.

Do the Work

Be good, do good, don't back down. The universe reciprocates positive output.

No Heroes

No Heroes, No martyrs, No person left behind. Teams win together through collaboration.

Small Wins

Strive for a big victory through small wins. Everyone pitches in.

People First

Relationships are worth more than pixels and code. Treat them as such.

Strip Out the Clever

Choose simplicity and clarity over cleverness. You're never nearly as clever as you think.