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Battery Outfitters website design
Website for Battery Outfitters. Working with my friends at Midwestern Interactive, I wireframed and designed the front end experiences for the entire website. Working with Midwestern and a local advertising agency, we worked with the client to make sure the flow was tidy, intuitive and informational.
Role: Design
Trucking app concept
Concept for a Logistics and Trucking App to Keep Drivers and Load Booking Crew Informed. This concept was an idea gathering session with a friend who actually works on a similar piece of software. We looked at existing user needs and made some educated guesses about updates that could be helpful.
Role: Design
4 iPhones with various screens from the color search interface
Color Search with Sherwin-Williams and McKinney My first project at AT Media was a complete overhaul of our Sherwin-Williams sponsored Color Search tool, which was a collaboration with McKinney. I came into the process as wireframes were being completed and was able to jump in and contribute to the team in the first 2 weeks after I started. Our work did not go unnoticed - along with our partners at McKinney and our direct sales and creative services teams, our work on Color Search won an IAB Mixx award in 2016.
Role: Design, HTML(erb), CSS
8 photos with icons for Pinterest with a green checkmark on the 'winning' option
Helping Build an A/B Testing Framework and Using It. Because of my love for data-informed design I was tapped to work with our Lead Front End Engineer to build a new system into our - largely monolithic - codebase. Using a fancy Varnish setup, courtesy of our Back End team, we created an internal methodology to use feature flippers and traffic splitting via our CDN. We were able to test this out of the box on social sharing designs for images. Our tests Eventually produced a 20% increase m/m in social sharing to Pinterest.
Role: Design, HTML(erb), CSS
The mobile and desktop views of our community pages
Community Focused initiatives. My all-time favorite projects for AT Media have been the online community driven initiatives. Launching our new Save feature, refreshing our profile pages and ongoing projects to integrate more connective community features have been a joy to work on. We have a dedicated user0base that loves to connect through comments and social media. It's been a real treat developing features to satisfy some long-standing requests and work with users to develop a roadmap of new and upcoming features.
Role: Design and CSS